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Frequent Questions

What finishes are available? Can you do post boxes in any colour?

We offer letter boxes in three ranges of finishes - powder coat finishes to RAL specifications; anodised aluminium finishes; and satin stainless steel finishes. British Standard paint finishes are not available, however we can do virtually any RAL finish. The powder coat RAL finished letter boxes are 100% polyester powder coat, to the same standard as the automotive industry. A selection of these can be found on our RAL finishes page - please click here. Generally, stainless steel specifications are to a satin (brushed) finish. Some satin stainless steel finishes are also lacquered to further protect the finish.

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When should we be talking to Mailboxes GB?

Mailboxes GB get involved in apartment projects as early as detailed planning and tender stage. Once on site, it is not a bad idea to get ballpark costs when coming out of the ground.

On the basis that average lead times can be 4 to 6 weeks, contacting us 8 to 12 weeks before a required delivery date is a good rule of thumb.

Delivery times on certain post boxes are coming down significantly, to near 2 weeks for some banks of letter boxes and next day delivery on individual units.

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Can we get extra keys?

Extra keys are available at a nominal cost when placing an order on most mailboxes. Or you can buy replacement additional keys for your pre existing mailboxes - click here.

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Why do you only offer a small range of external post boxes?

Over the years, Mailboxes GB has dealt with a number of European post box manufacturers. During this time, the 2000 series and the 6000 series of letter boxes have proven themselves to be the most suitable products to withstand the British climate.

Water ingress can be a problem with some units, but the production methods employed in the manufacture of the 2000 and 6000 series of letter boxes means that there are no small holes where rainwater can penetrate.

Furthermore, the 2000 series of mailboxes have a waterproof seal to the back and sides to ensure that they are completely watertight.

Security is also an issue with external post boxes. The 2000 and 6000 series both employ anti-theft lips to the aperture, and in the case of the 2000 range, this is a particularly robust feature.

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Do you do fire- rated mailboxes?

You can find a range of our Fire Rated mailboxes - click here. All conforming to fire rating criteria by Warrington fire in BS476 part 2 1987, the mailboxes have intumescent lining to both flap and door, providing a fire rating of 60 minutes..

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Can we open a trading account?

Thirty day credit accounts can be applied for on-line - please click here. Subject to the usual credit references and checks.

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What is EN13724?

All post boxes on this website marked with the European Norm reference “EN 137724” correspond to the high demands of the European standard and are recommended by the respective postal services. The European standard EN 13724 defines the size of the letter box, which means sufficient space for your post box and the slot dimensions. Furthermore the new European standard classifies the protection against breaking in and corrosion. All post boxes on this website correspond to the higher quality levels. Even the lock quality and resistance of rainwater penetration is tested.

  • Expulsion of 2 different throw-in dimensions

  • Robustness against corrosion after EN 1670 and against penetration of water (rain test and definition of the permissible amount of the penetrated water).

  • Opposition against burglary by stable materials and locks with a division in 2 security steps

  • A test envelope in the format A4 must go without need to fold or to damage 229 x 324 mm can be blocked

  • The centre line of the throw-in openings should lie between 700 mm and 1,700 mm installation height, in special cases the area can be between 400 mms and 1,800 mms.

  • To the guarantee of the security, components of throw-in. Openings may have no sharp corners.

  • To guarantee the confidentiality, house mailboxes are to be equipped without view window.

  • Withdrawal protection against unauthorized inferring.

  • The least volume is fixed with a batch height of min 40 mms of postal property in the format C4.

  • If the manufacturer explains that their product corresponds, the product is to be marked according to the regulation.

National divergences of the mailboxes are possible. The procedures to the check of the abovementioned points are described in the mailbox norm. This norm is a recommendation, however, becomes by registration in advertisings the duty.

Publication Date: 21st November 2002.

Replaces: BS 2911:1974

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We need a secure post box for parcels

The Parcel Drop Box is available for sale online here. With a three point deadbolt locking mechanism and an anti-theft cantilever baffle, it is by far the most secure method of delivering small parcels to a mailbox.
Unlike other systems on the market, the Parcel Drop Box does not require the postman or post woman to make the unit secure once a package has been delivered. Furthermore, the Parcel Drop Box can accept multiple deliveries, unlike others on the market which can only accept a single delivery, once locked by the postman or post woman..

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We need numbering on our letterboxes

Mailboxes GB can supply aluminium engraved nameplates, retrospectively if necessary. As most letter boxes have perspex nameplate windows, engraved nameplates can be a neat finishing touch to your bank of mailboxes.

Engraving can be specified on certain models of mailbox, with different fonts, colours and offset engraving available.

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Site surveys - can you come and see us?

You can request a site survey - please click here and completing our online form. At Mailboxes GB we invest in customer satisfaction by passing on our savings to our customers with this in mind we evaluate each and every site survey request to ascertain if it is economic for us to come and undertake the survey.

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We forgot to order mailboxes - can you do next day delivery?

We forgot to order mailboxes - can you do next day delivery?

Yes. Mailboxes GB stocks various model of post boxes some of which are available on a next day delivery. Please call to discuss.

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