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Secured by Design Post Box Guidelines

Mailboxes GB have a range of mailboxes that fit the requirement to suit all locations; for wall mounting, recessed, through the wall and freestanding areas - satisfying and exceeding the guidelines in many areas. We are confident that we can provide you with the very best tried and tested solutions.

Secured by Design (SBD) is a police initiative to guide and encourage those engaged within specification, design and build of new homes to adopt crime prevention measures.

You can read the guidance to consider when selecting a mailbox for a single dwelling or in communal dwellings ie. Flats or student accommodation.

Secure by Design Post box Guidelines


Note 21.18.1

The police service is currently exploring the creation of a new attack test standard/guide for letter plates and letter boxes with partner organisations with similar interests. The SBD requirement will be updated upon completion of a standard/guide. Internal deflectors may be problematic if the doorset is being installed within a property with a narrow entrance or hallway, as the deflector may reduce the opening width of the door if it is opening onto a wall.

Note 21.18.2

Please note that the installation of an ‘antiarson’ container to the back of the door, especially those of metal box construction, may reduce the opening width of the door where the door opens into a narrow hallway. Containers manufactured from a flexible combustion resistant material (cloth) may be more suitable in such situations.

Letter Boxes


As an alternative to the requirements and recommendations in 21.18.1 to 21.18.3, a surface mounted or ‘through-the-wall’ letter box may be used (Note 21.18.1). The use of such a product greatly reduces the crime risk problems associated with letter plates and also reduces heat loss through the door.

Surface Mounted


Where a single surface mounted letter box is to be used for each dwelling they must be robust in construction and securely fixed to the external face of the building in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. They must be located in a position that benefits from natural surveillance. The letter box must incorporate a design feature that prevents the removal of mail through the delivery slot and the access door for mail collection must be lockable.


Where multiple boxes are to be used within the entrance hall of a block of flats, the boxes must incorporate the same design features as single boxes and be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Depending on crime risk it may be necessary for such letter boxes to be located within an ‘airlock’ access controlled entrance hall, whereby access can be gained by the postal worker through the outer door only. If this additional requirement is necessary the CPDA will advise the applicant in writing at the time of application.

Through – the – Wall


Where the design dimensions of an entry hall in a block of flats are sufficient it may be preferable to provide ‘through-the-wall’ mail delivery into a secure internal letter box, thereby negating the need for the postal worker to enter the building. Such a box must incorporate the same design features as described above for a surface mounted box.


Mail delivery for communal dwellings (flats)


Letter plates/boxes installed in developments of up to two dwellings must meet the requirements of 21.18.


Letter plates/boxes installed within developments comprising of more than two dwellings must meet one of the following requirements:


A robust external letter box securely fixed to the external face of the building in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications with fire retardation and anti-fishing attributes (Note: 24.6.1).


A letter plate located within the wall, providing ‘through the wall’ delivery via a sloping chute into a secure internal letter box with fire retardation and antifishing attributes for each household.


Letter plates for the above must comply with BS EN 13724: 2002 and must have a maximum aperture size of 250mm x 40mm


An internal letter box to serve all households certificated to LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 or WCL 5 BR1, located within a secure lobby area. This will require an air lock access control system to be incorporated i.e. a further internal secure access doorset would be required to stop unauthorised access beyond the entrance lobby. Note 24.6.1: The police service is currently exploring, with partner organisations with similar interests, the creation of a new attack test standard/guide for letter boxes and letter plates. The likely acceptable standards will be based upon LPS 1175 or WCL 5 (WCL 5 is the reference number for a standard published by Warrington Certification Laboratories. This standard is similar to LPS 1175). The SBD requirement will be updated upon completion of a standard/guide.

Access control systems


Where four or more flats are served by a common entrance the doors must incorporate an access control system, with an electronic lock release and entry phone linked to the flats (Note 24.7). Refer to the CPDA for consideration of the use of a tradesman release. Access control is not normally required where there are less than four households, unless there is a flat with a floor level higher than 4.5 metres or the accommodation is intended for the elderly and/or persons with disabilities. Note 24.7: CPDAs and specifiers are reminded that the locking system must form part of the certificated doorset range. Locks that are supplied with the door which have not been tested as part of the particular doorset range are unacceptable.


Where there are more than ten households using a common entrance one of the following shall be incorporated within the development:

a. an access control system with audio visual verification

b. concierge system


CPDAs and specifiers are advised that at present there are no specific dedicated UK security standards for access control systems i.e. the interface between the user and the lock control mechanism. However standards do exist that offer basic security assessments that are adequate for most domestic applications such as UL 294 (a standard from the USA published by Underwriters Laboratories). There are also a small number of access control systems that are currently licensed by ACPO SBD following a more stringent Government evaluation. Whilst it is not a direct requirement at present to meet UL 294, ACPO SBD is exploring this and other emerging standards for future implementation within SBD guides.

The certification can be viewed here.

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